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Greetings from a new user!

Started by goodleast, November 14, 2017, 03:43:13 PM

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Old man here in USA who struggled to leave Windows 7 to try Linux, and tried and tried and tried...Finally getting to Debian, which was too much for me, but I respected deeply.
Relieved to find Sparky Linux and am trying the XFCE rolling version. A bit surprised by the number of updates, but I do like the way they are handled. Thanks for something that
at least I can somewhat comprehend. I am retired and still trying to learn, if nothing else, to try to stave off senility... :D
Here's hoping that Sparky will be the place I stay. My legs are aching from all the distro-hopping, I think they call it.


^ :D Nice intro! Welcome to Sparky forums, may your stay be of profit for you goodleast!
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