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Sparky4.6 "bug"in source list

Started by blaze, November 14, 2017, 03:24:07 PM

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Installed Spraky minimal gui Openbox into virtualbox. Wanted to install the virtualbox guest utils so I enabled the virtualbox repository. It is just that it points to "wheezy" and not "stretch". So apt complained about it. Changed to "stretch" but apt continued to complain about a signing key.

I do not know if this is the case in other Sparky editions. Either fix the iso, or make a how to fix this here to point to. I saw there were something about it in the wiki. Will also have a look there. :)
Unstable OpenBoxer


Have googled, read and messed around with it. It was only vbx stuff anyway. Conclusion is forget about it.  ;D

Will leave the topic as is, in case someone else starts messing around with it.
Unstable OpenBoxer



i may possibly get the issue wrong, or not at all. And i have no time to experiment right now.
But... off the top of my head:
There are 2 different versions of vbox, one is proprietary, the other is open source. And they are based on the same initial source, thus sometimes can work together (like use guest additions).
The proprietary version is from Oracle and i seen it in contrib sometimes (experimental?)
The other is long standing in debian, but much older - usually -.
I am using vbox an awful lot, and after digging into this a lot initially, came to decide to ALWAYS use the proprietary version. you can add it to sources.list.d if you like. That said: after initial installation, there are a few things to prepare before being comfortable with vbox, like
uninstall eventual debian version, prepare kernel-header, build-essentials and dkms
Then install GA from ISO, dont forget to add user to vboxsf group, eject CD and reboot.
That is when its nice and cozy. :-)

good luck


# Your /etc/apt/sources.list should be this

deb stretch contrib

# Add key

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

# Install dkms and virtualbox, apt-get update first then apt-get search virtualbox, choose which version 5.2 is the latest last time I checked

apt-get install dkms virtualbox-5.2



stevemp1954 is talking about the host and its software

wheras i was talking about the guest. (i assumed, you wouldnt have a guest, if you had no host in the first place).

2 sides to think of.
As i said, i am using it a lot (like > 80 VM's, sometimes up to 5 simultaneously... you get the picture). And it did free up my life from much hassle & trouble of changing versions, OS, hardware, or anything. In the long run, everything is encapsulated in small places (little VM's) where the dependencies are much less compared to installing everything onto one host.

But i am used to call it my "playground" ;-)

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