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Kernel Install

Started by penguin, November 13, 2017, 03:59:11 PM

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Today I decided to install New kernel in Sparky. Kernel was 4.14.0. How can I downgrade to kernel 4.13 or another kernel ? I also deleted Sparky kernel


Install Debian's default kernel:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install linux-image-4.13.0-1-amd64
for i686 change "amd64" to "686" or "686-pae", then reboot and choose the older kernel from advanced menu of grub.
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1 -Each time Sparky install a new kernel on the end of compilation Sparky gives me a warning message.
Quotecryptsetup: WARNING: found more than one resume device candidate:
follow by old Swap UUID and new swap UUID.
When I check grub.cfg under /boot/grub I found that in the new kernel entry Sparky write as resume UUID the old one.I need to correct it manually each time.
I have resume UUID on resume file under changed /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/ .
Where get Sparky the old swap UUID ( that is original Swap UUID on the installation moment?)

2 -Another thing is that Sparky during upgrading grub.cfg each time changes also color my customized colour schema.Also this need to be corrected by me.

3- Because I installed a new kernel instead of Sparky Original (linux 4.9.0-4-amd64), each time a new kernel arrives, Sparky updates kernel.I just installed
original Sparky Kernel ( re installed it - because I have deleted it ). I will see if Sparky will stop and will not get any kernel updates. Will be worthy to have another
button in APTus ( install/reinstall original Sparky Kernel or LTS Kernel )

parvoo ! any idea ?

The same error I get when I apply command
Quotesudo update-initramfs -u

The same I get when I apply follow comman


QuoteWARNING: found more than one resume device candidate
Check two files:
The UUID shoud be the same of the two files as you get via command:
sudo blkid | grep swap
When you change them, run:
sudo update-initramfs -u -t -k all

QuoteAnother thing is that Sparky during upgrading grub.cfg
It is better to create a custom file in /etc/grub.d/ for example '07_my_theme' and provide your settings, then update initramfs and grub.

I put on my list to add kernel reinstallation in aptus.
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thanks parvoo.

The UUID on both position are the same. Each time that initramfs re compile kernel somewhere finds old Swap UUID.
To avoid it I can forcefully change Swap UUID to the original one (old one), but this not make sense.
I am far way from my Sparky Linux machine now but i will try to create a new ''07_my_theme''. I have done something similar but I do not recall exactly what.
The grub.cfg is re written each time by updating of initramfs. Also I found that is re written also updated by grub customizer and changes reflect not only colour but also put old swap UUID within new entry. Means that somewhere instructions about theme colour and UUID are taken by a ''ini file'' that does not updated , but as remains original one/ from moment of install/.Maybe administrative rights?/ just read only?/

Parvoo. I suggest  also in APTus .
Button to find/see boot.log from /var/boot/boot.log / . I use in
Quoteleafpad /vat/boot/boot.log
Button to see last journalctl or in preffered period of time i use
Quotesudo journalctl -b
Button to see failed services / services on que  etc. using systemctl and so on.(I am far way from Linux machine now, but I have collected many of similar commands in a file and I use them frequently)
All above can be a small editor/administration tool with bunch of commands in one.That can be simply created in yad. I have no previous experience with yad but I will try.
I know that I have sysadmin tools in Sparky / maybe gnome sysadmin/ that I need to recheck today.
In windows I have a very good experience with programing language, but still now I have not found a similar one in Linux.
Years ago I remember that Borland produced Kylix (very similar to Delphi).But this project is stopped and not maintained anymore.
I have tried one time to install Lazarus for debian but I run in trouble and I removed. Will be great to have a Delphi like programin language in Linux.Maybe I need to give a try to PureBasic for Linux.Any one use an IDE programing language  for Linux ?

thanks parvoo for your dedication.


I remember that was similar problem with the UUID what I was trying with Logical Volume Manager .
Check do you have installed packages:

If yes, remove them if you don't need.

Checking logs separated tab in aptus is a good idea.
Any different logs to display else?
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Some trciks that I grabed from my text file.

// journalctl related
journalctl --boot=-0 last boot
journalctl --since "20 min ago"
journalctl --vacuum-size=500M 
journalctl -u *some service

// list timers
systemctl list-timers

//check if service is active or enabled
systemctl is-active
systemctl is-enabled

//chose a service to start or stop
sudo systemctl enabled
sudo systemctl start
sudo systemctl disable

// list of failed services
systemctl #failed
systemctl status systemd-modules-load  # failed to start kernel modules

// list all pacgages and output to a file under user directory
dpkg --list >~/packages_till_$(date +%F_%T:%3N)

// simple bash file saved under /usr/local/bin  > shortcut to desktop > speedtest of your internet ine
curl -s | python -
read -n 1 -s -r -p
"Press any key to continue"

// simple bash file saved under /usr/local/bin  > shortcut to desktop > test uour download internet speed
wget --output-document=/dev/null
read -n 1 -s -r -p "Press any key to continue"

// some experiment with yad
// learning from this page
// the follow line will show fstab
yad --width=1000 --height=500 --text-info < /etc/fstab --fontname="Serif 12"

//the follow line will show boot.log file
yad --width=1000 --height=500 --text-info </vat/log/boot.log  --fontname="Serif 12"

seems easy :)


I found two very good utilities to use in Sparky.

Show logs, Services and everything needed.


both in Synaptic.

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