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apps in jwm menu

Started by 0day, September 10, 2017, 11:54:55 AM

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I have installed mupdf and ms-office-online-apps but in the jwm menu do not appear


Installing mupdf should have created a desktop file in /usr/share/applications with an entry NoDisplay=true.  Use a root-editor to change that line to NoDisplay=false

Items in a Linux dynamical menu generally reflect the applications that have associated desktop files somewhere else in your system.  The two primary directories for desktop files are /usr/share/applications and /usr/local/share/applications.  To get ms-office-online-apps in you rmenu, you will have to create desktop files for each app in either of these directories.  For help doing this, see

Mupdf appears to only be able to read files, which is the reason it is installed with "NoDisplay=true".   It is only used when you right click on a pdf and choose "Open With Mupdf".   For pdf tools that do other things as well, see

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