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AI Voice Desktop Assistant

Started by thechosenone, September 26, 2017, 06:32:23 PM

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Hello All Good People,  I'm New to The Linux World and New to This Forum. I was a Windows User For a Long,Long Time and after about 20 Years
I got Tired of the Crap that was coming through my PC. My Last OS was Windows 10, Then I Read That Linux is A lot Better and I won't get Viruses, Malware with Linux. I needed a Linux Operating System that will Be Similar to Windows. I Tried Almost Every Kind of Linux that was on and Believe me it took over 125 DVD'S and then Suddenly a Friend from Youtube Told me about Linux. Now, Being Newbie, I would Like to Ask Anyone on the Forum to Help & Show me How to Install an AI Voice Desktop Assistant. You See, I have Glaucoma in Both Eyes and I Need a Program Like Microsoft's "Cortana" that will Answer all I Tell it to do, Like Opening Documents, Reading and Sending Emails, or Going to a Specific Website. Could Anyone Help Me with This Matter? Thank You All and God Bless, Edward :(


Start here:

I have no experience of this type of software so I wish you the best of luck. You will have to try, test and see what suits you the best. :)
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