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2nd Panel config settings

Started by xendistar, August 09, 2017, 10:10:20 PM

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On a previous Debian based XFCE distro, I had a second panel setup and one particular launcher had a bit of code that I would like to grab and setup on Sparky. I still have the home folder from that distro so I can browse the files but I can no longer boot that distro (there is no root) so I can not check it that way. Can somebody tell where to look for the 2nd panel config file?



Answering my own question although I am not sure it is the correct answer.

Panel configuration can be found here


But I don't see anything that might represent a second panel, but this could be an issue with my home folder I have, because I made several reinstalls of my old distro so the home I have now may not be the home folder with two panels :(

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