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New Debian linux enthusiast

Started by david, August 01, 2017, 07:48:09 PM

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Hi Sparky users,

I am a man looking for a stable Debian-based linux distribution.   I am
an engineer.   I am a C and C++ programmer.   Because numerical computa-
tion requires me to use matlab in my work, I also use octave quite heavily.

I am an intermediate linux user.  I am a Debian fan.   I downloaded Debian
Stretch, burned it onto LiveDVD.   Then I read two reviews of Debian Stretch,
and decided getting it to run would probably be too hard for me.

I installed a linux distribution onto my hard drive for the first time
this summer.   It is NeptuneOS release of June 10, 2017 (Neptune-Plasma5-20170610.iso), another Debian distribution.   In the past I had run other KDE-Plasma distro's that were beta.   I have had enough of beta distro's for now.  I only want something that works and is stable.

My computer is a quad core AMD x-64 bit machine with 8GB RAM.
(model name      : AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics )



Well I can recommend both Spark Linux (I am currently running the version 5 rolling release XFCE version) and I also run SolydXK (which is based on the stable branch of Debian with either KDE or XFCE desktops) both are solid and stable and have a good community support when you need it. Been a Debian man for many years just like the simplicity but prefer to run Debian based distro  so a few of the rough edges are sanded off (but not a *buntu clone or Mint derived distro).


I don't know if the Sparky  Stable version uses calmares installer or not.  You  can try it.  I am sure you can find them on the sparky pages.

For a straight Debian install, they do not advertise it much, but there is a Debian stable  mini iso that HAS the non-free components.  Debian 9 9.1

It simplifies the install immensely, especially if you need to do it via wireless.  If you can , I always try to install via ethernet, sometimes you can't.

  I really have gotten to like lvm for disk storage setup, worked with a debian testing computer that I have parked at Debian Stable. Read up, it gives you so much more flexibility for the future.   I also have lvm set up on a Sparky install that is on an ancient Atom - EEE 901a. 

The other main thing I consider for installs is uefi or older standard bios.  If this is your first time to need to use UEFI, read up on it first.   peace out.
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


hello david,

i am totally with you and your description of the problem to select a distro.
And i totally agree with your desire to get to debian stable. GOOD CHOICE.
I'd like to confirm from my own experience: Sparky or SolydXK are doing a good job at setting up such a system with reasonable choices, easing the task quite a bit.
What has been very helpful to me, while coming from Windooze, was to take steps:

  • First, i did "play around" inside virtualbox, while still on Win
  • Next, i moved to a Distro with a lot of support thanks to its user base and friendlyness
  • That is where i got comfortable with the inner workings, got to pick my favorite desktop, packaging tool, terminal, filesystem, and more
  • finally, i came back to what looked like the best choice from the very beginning (debian), but this time, the learning looked less frightening as i got accustomed to most of linux in the previous step.
  • The whole journey took several years, but was worth it: More freedom, more powerful tools and options, i felt, like having reached the same level of comfort, i was used to on Win after... about three years
But this is not meant to give you shivers, more like: be realistic and plan ahead, proceed and enjoy. It is a wonderful ride!

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