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Sparky v5.0 Mate... (SOLVED)

Started by tenfoot, July 21, 2017, 11:00:44 PM

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Downloaded and installed the latest version of Sparky with the Mate Desktop Environment and loving it.  However, I have one problem.  I cannot grab the corner of an open window to adjust the size.  For example, if I launch Firefox, the window opens narrower than I require to show all folders I have on my Bookmarks toolbar.Tthe only option I have is to click on the icon to go fullsize.  I experience the same problem with most other windows.

The icons I have displayed on my Desktop are:

Computer.  Cannot adjust the window size by grabbing a corner or side or bottom of window.
Home folder.  As above
Folders with Home folder:  As above
Trash.  As above
USB-HDD. As above
Data.  As above
AisleRiot.  As above
Mahjongg. As above
Thunderbird. As above
Chromium (my alternative web browser). No problems.  Can adjust by grabbing corner, side or bottom of window.

I realise I've gone "over the top" a little in my explanation so please forgive a frustrated geriatric  :-[
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Hi tenfoot.

For me there is a dot, top left of a window, click on it to show a menu. Generic left click and select Resize.
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Thank you for your prompt reply.  I have never used that function before but gave it a go a coupe of minutes ago. The only problem I found was that I could not guarantee that the action would put the cursor in the correct position.  For example, if I clicked on Resize and wanted the cursor to appear in the bottom right corner of the window, what must I do beforehand to ensure that it does.
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Quote from: tenfoot on July 21, 2017, 11:00:44 PMI cannot grab the corner of an open window to adjust the size.
Try to move the cursor very, very slowly over the corner or border of the window. Does the arrow symbol appear for a split second? If so the problem is with the theme used. Some themes seem to allow only 2 px of variation in the cursors's position, which is very little on a monitor with Full HD. Using a different theme might help in this case.
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Thanks for your quick response.

I tried your suggetion about moving the cursor very slowly but it did not work, so I changed the theme and am now able to grab any section of a window to resize it.

My current theme is:

Controls: SparkyFS
Windows Border: TraditionalOK
Icons: Oxygen
Pointer: DMZ (Black)

As a point of interest - well at least to me :) - with the ability to grab any section of the window, the small downward (spot) at the top of every window has disappeared!

I have now marked this subject as SOLVED.

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