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After installing Nvidia graphic drivers(Geforce 9500 GT) VLC is not working...

Started by amarga, July 27, 2017, 08:41:09 AM

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A fresh install (after 4.5.2 testing version failed to upgrade to version 5.0 testing)so i decided to install 4.6.1 stable. Before installing Nvidia driver VLC is working fine then after i intall the graphic driver(Nvidia) VLC is not working anymore it will start and will just crash before the video(movie)start. Downloaded SMplayer works fine, so to make sure i reinstalled it again(4.6.1)
without installing nvidia drivers vlc is working back again flawlessly. i just don't know what's going on, is it a bug? or what? by the way the  system is fully updated and i do another install on another drive same thing happened.
System Spec. 3.06 cpu dual core, ram ddr3 6G, Nvidia Geforce 9500/512mb, multiple harddrives. ''Thanks in advance, have a nice day.. thank you!

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