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Software: My-Weather-indicator.

Started by tenfoot, July 26, 2017, 12:10:37 AM

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The other Linux distribution I use is Linux Mint v18.2 Mate, and one of my favourite applications is my-weather-indicator.  It is easy to install in Mint through a ppa.

I searched the net and found that I could download the application as my-weather-indicator_0.4.0.0.orig.tar.gz  Did so and two of the files in the the extracted  directory and files shown  are my-weather-indicator-autostart and My-Weather-indicator.  Checking the Permissions file is set to execute, clicking on either of them returnas a window saying "There was an error launching the application.", with no further explanation.

So, the questions is: what must I do to get this working with Sparky?

Note: I was going to attach a screenshot to this message but could not find a way to do so..  Clicking on the Attachments and other options does not help and only gives me options to tick. Notify me of replies, Return to this topic, Lock the topic, Don't use smileys.

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I think 'my-weather-indicator' is strictly an Ubuntu application.  For 5-day weather forecast, I just put a button on a panel with exec= , where 55051 is the zip code (USA) for my region.  This gets the latest Weather Channel report.  Simple, takes little resources and no space.


My apologies to you seppalta for not replying sooner.  Somehow I missed your post.

Tried your suggestion but decided I didn't like it.  At the moment using Cumulus.  Simple and givesme the basics.
Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.

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