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New guy

Started by madmarv, July 25, 2017, 05:06:21 AM

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Hello, all. Have settled on Sparky for my old HP laptop. I was looking for a good implementation of a basic Openbox system and liked the idea of using Debian Testing. Been a while, I use Manjaro primarily but wanted something a little simpler to maintain- I sometimes go a week without booting this up. I have to say, your minimal install is wonderfully easy, and I can't believe how closely your choices match my desired package list. Took less than an hour from download to a finished system.

Look forward to meeting you. 


Welcome, Marv.  For some ideas on enhancing an openbox-pcmanfm system, check out and the links there-in.


Thanks, seppalta. I've been using lxde and openbox for a long time now, and am pretty familiar with the configuration options. It's nice to have the option to install OB as a stand alone WM without all the LXDE extras. I really like pcmanfm, but use xfce4-terminal. I prefer feh to nitrogen for setting backgrounds and may change that out later, but those are about the only quibbles I have.

Even with compton added for transparency I'm running under 200MB at start, which lets me use fairly heavy applications - handbrake, the Gimp, etc. It's nice, and the debian backbone is very familiar. Using testing in a rolling distro should keep things from being too boring. ;D

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