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Thunar right click doing mysterious (and malevolent) things to my files

Started by dcarrco, June 29, 2017, 06:52:00 AM

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hey folks.  i love linux, i love sparky, and i love this whole thing that isnt windows.  i have been using linux of all flavors for years, but last year gave up Crunchbang and went with sparky and havent been sad about it.
but right now im having a problem that seems simple, but is rather serious.  i have looked in the Thunar forums and web searches and google stuff but cant find a solution.  i have also looked in the Logitech and various mouse/pointer
forums without a solution.  so i thought i would turn to the people like me using software like me, who are smart and tricky and maybe you could help me figure it out.  at some point in the last year (i update all the time so i am using the latest) my right-click got so sensitive that lately i right click and something happens... i think its DELETE because the files are just GONE.  there is no undo, no ctrl-z, no log of the file... just gone.  i have tried getting into the useless control panel to adjust double click but there isnt really any right click specific stuff.  i looked for at least the ability to confirm delete with a dialog, but no.  so... now i am terrified of right click and select files gently and use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to move them.  but i would like tunar to not spazz out and just do whatever its doing, the next option up in the context menu, the top option, something... i dont know because it happens so fast.  any ideas?  please help. 


Remove thunar and install another file browser, for example, pcmanfm , who has lots of right click offerings -


I don't use Thunar so I can only guess: if you can't find any solution on the internet my suggestion would be to
1. Look at and to check the actions present on your system. If there are none create a new right click action of some kind in order to check whether there still is a context menu. If there is maybe you can start rebuilding the context menu from there.
2. If 1. was not successful install a simple alternative file browser so as not to be without one.
3. Purge Thunar with all its settings. Please check first whether this is possible without wrecking your system or destroying your DE!
4. Restart and install Thunar afresh.
5. Hope that Thunar now behaves well and you can purge the alternative file browser
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look in ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/thunar.xml for any edited preferences.
Also, i concur: a more drastic measure would be to sudo apt-get remove --purge thunar; sudo apt-get install thunar.
Finally, yes, another filemanager could help; i was rather partial to pcmanfm for the reason that it sports an unmount button next to exchangeable storage media.
-- rollinbeaver
best regards, ever rollinbeaver

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