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Access to pre-existing shared /home partition (solved)

Started by zeh, April 05, 2017, 11:40:00 AM

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I've just installed sparky LXQt (first time with sparky) and followed the recommendation in the wiki: use a different nickname if you want to keep the existing shared /home partition. What happens now is from a sparky session I can't access the material I previously had in my /home partition, while the idea was/is to access my material regardless of the distro I choose to work with (I've got four installed, right now). Is there a way for me to use sparky just like I use the other three, at this regard?
BTW, the recommendation in the wiki mentions that the procedure of using a different nickname is to avoid future problems. What kind of problems could those be?
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Using different nickname is important to avoid messing new user settings with the old one.
New user dir is located in /home/new-user, but old one in /home/old-user
Simply copy/move your settings/files from old dir to the new one.
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OK! Got it. Thanks a lot!  :)

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