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BussyBox 1.22 Error Once More With Install ISO's

Started by sasdthoh, April 03, 2017, 08:59:55 PM

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I have a friend that downloaded two Sparky Linux x64 iso's, Lxde and Lxqt.

Both were written to usb thumb drives and went through the live boot process, then locked up and the "the old busybox 1.22 error message we experienced in the past displayed.

I downloaded the lxde x64 iso and it displayed the same error message.

Can someone check this out?


Paul ( sasdthoh )


Can be a few reasons.

1. iso image is broken
- did you check md5/sha sums?
- you can check the iso in a virtual machine to make sure it works or not
- re-download from the second server using a download manager or via a bittorrent client

2. Used application to copy iso onto an usb drive could not do that properly.
- use different application
- use Sparky USB live creator or MintStick on a Linux distribution
- burn the iso on a blank DVD disk
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