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Success! How To SAVE User Settings when Creating Hybrid ISO Files

Started by sasdthoh, March 25, 2017, 02:18:42 PM

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As promised,

I told everyone in previous posts that I was also working on an easy way to save user theme and configuration settings for browsers, wallpapers, etc. in their newly created hybrid iso files. After a lot of testing and experimentation, I can honestly say that I have a success rate of 100 % and without errors.

I have a few more tests to run to make certain I am not "blowing smoke." Once I am completely satisfied, I will post the EASY "how to" here for pavroo's examination and sharing with the Sparky Linux community.

I apologize for some missed typographical mistakes on my previous Part-1 --- Part-3 posts about creating hybrid iso files. I was very tired from a long work billet. I'll make a better effort in the future by editing more thoroughly before posting.

Oh yes, one more subject. I am also currently working on a simple way to create PERSISTENCE for your usb thumb drives when using your newly created hybrid iso files. I have limited success so far but some issues have surfaced that create problems so I need more time. I think I will be successful (wishful thinking huh?) but I have to be a little obsessive when working on this part of the triangle. When completed, Sparky Linux users will have the three most difficult obstacles defeated.

1) Successful creation of hybrid iso file.

2) The ability to save your personal settings and configurations into the hybrid iso.

3) Persistence to use the same live usb thumb drive (or any writable device) to additional changes while using the portable device LIVE.

Just think, the ability to use your live usb device without having to re-configure it each time you use it as well as save more settings to the usb device while using the live system ...... how awesome will that be? You'll be able to carry your desktop or laptop settings with you everywhere you go tucked away in your pocket.

Stay Tuned Folks!

Paul ( sasdthoh )


OK, I'm back to share with everyone how I save my personal settings and files when creating a hybrid iso using the Sparky-Backup-Sys tool.

A couple of items should be discussed. First, even though I was able to save some custom wallpapers in my personal pictures folder, the system will use a default wallpaper in the

/etc/alternatives directory.

The file name in that folder is


It does NOT have an extension in the filen ame. Is is a standard png graphics file but the file name must remain the same. So to test how this works, I took another wallpaper that I liked and renamed it with the same name


Make certain it is a png file type. If you want to keep the original, just rename it with .bak as an extension before replacing it. After you boot your newly created iso for the first time, you will be able to change the wallpaper to anything you want.

Next, make certain to check your preferred browser settings and other theme preferences. In my work, I always changes the task bar theme and appearances, icons, etc., as well as system preferences. I also added fourty or fifty wallpapers in my pictures folder, added about ten mp3 music files, and I even added a few documents, just to see if everything I placed in my home folders would remain untouched.

After doing so, I opened a terminal and used root privileges to open my file manager.

sudo pcmanfm

Once opened, I navigated to the following directory.


I deleted everything I found. I then navigated to my user's home folder and made certain to display everything, even the hidden files and folders. I copied everything, including all hidden items and moved the contents into the /etc/skel folder. Essentially, duplicating the contents of my user's home folder.

Now there is an exact copy of all visible and hidden items in the user's home folder to be found in the /etc/skel folder.

Once done, then close the file manager and perform all system house keeping commands previously discussed in the posts on how to succeed in creating a hybrid iso.

Once you are satisfied that all system trash and related unwanted items have been removed, you are free to use the command line tools to build the hybrid iso.

Make certain to use the sparkybacky clean command to remove any previous builds before starting the new build.

I performed eleven different tests, making several changes each time to my user settings, files, and configurations and I never had a single issue. Remember that video files and lossless audio can be fairly large and will consume a significant amount of room used in the creating of the iso file.

Also remember about what I said concerning a wallpaper at the beginning of this post.

I hope I was able to help a few people with this issue. I have read where some people have problems concerning trying to save there settings and files. It has worked well for me. Post or send me a message and let me know if I was able to help anyone that was having problems before.

I'm still working towards persistence but am having some issues. I will keep everyone informed concerning the matter when I progress.

Thanks everyone and good luck!

Paul ( sasdthoh )

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