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Intel Atom support (was: Sparky runs, but some hardware not recognized...)

Started by chris4, February 19, 2017, 07:20:32 PM

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Complete revision and more detail on 5 Apr. 2017:

Hello all,

I am running SparkyLinux 4.5.2 Xfce x86_64 (rolling/testing) on a Medion P8513 Tab (MD 60175). The device has an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 CPU, 2 GB RAM/32 GB Flash, and 64-bit UEFI Firmware. The good news is that the basics work pretty much right out of the box. Alas, the usual limitations apply, which means that the following do NOT work:

- internal Bluetooth -- the adapter is not recognized at all; however, BT works with any external USB dongle. I need this for keyboard and mouse.

- internal Wifi, not recognized as with BT; again, an external USB dongle works.

- Audio (neither speaker nor earphones render any chirp)

- battery monitor/power management

- touchscreen (for this I plan to play with the latest GNOME >3.10)

The device also has a micro HDMI output, which I havn't tried out yet.

Rumors are that the upcoming Linux kernel 4.11 allegedly should provide better support for the low-power Intel Atom CPUs, such that at least some of the above functional shortcomings might be eliminated. I have found kernel 4.11rc4 patches for Ubuntu but I hesitate to potentially waste time in experimenting with this under Debian.

So I have the following questions:

(1) Would anyone have more experience in coping with the above mentioned disorders ?  Internal Bluetooth is of vital importance as this is needed for entering the user password at login; on the other hand, it is not really acceptable to permanently use an external USB dongle plus an  external hub (in order to provide more USB ports for Wifi etc.).

(2) Does anyone have info as to when kernel 4.11 will be available in SparkyLinux and which problems this would resolve ?

Thank You and Best Regards,

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