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Sparky apps/packages listed someplace ??

Started by smith, February 18, 2017, 06:50:56 AM

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Hello Folks.
I have been all through the sites, searched here, and have yet to find any listings of what the various flavours have in them for apps.

This seems to me to be important info to know when choosing a variation of any distro.

Would some kind person please point me to where such information may be found ??




Note   PackageList.txt

It took me less than a minute to find.  Please, ruminate on that fact. 

If you are trying to find out the major applications and styles of  various Desktop Environments (DE) - check on the home pages of them, examples Gnome, LXQT, XFCE ...
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Windows devotees refer to entirely too much activity in the Linux universe dismissively as "Linux Snobbery".

By this, they indicate that those whom they like to poke at as being "Linux heads" hold themselves above the common man and look down upon him, sneering at his lack of expertise and his general lack of intelligence.

Trouble is - in many case these others are not too far off in their disdainful descriptions.

In FAR too many instances anyone looked at by already involved folks as a Linux newbie is openly sneered at (see above) and entreated with discouraging doses of disdain.

This has the sad effect of putting folks off of Linux explorations and does not in any manner help the growth of the Linux community.
As explained here, actually:!!

As a freelance IT consultant for more than 20 years, as well as one who started using Linux when X was considered to be eXcessive as well as overly esoteric - I witnessed the start of the above nonsense via the 'CLI ONLY' Snobs.

My goals have not matched any of that silliness - instead I have worked to inspire open mindedness so that former devotees of what I actually refer to with disdain as 'ween-doze' could see for themselves that Linux is NOT scary and that there ARE actually many kind, gentle folks who will help them, rather than sneering at them - AND all the while during those 20+ years I've also been supporting folks, offices and businesses mostly using that 'ween-doze' stuff.

Yes, 'PackageList.txt' is in the download list there.
It also is just shy of 2000 lines long with (likely) every single little bitty installed package/module listed - very nice - IF that was what I was asking about - but it ain't - thanks anyhow.
Sure, I can muddle through it (or in a moment of insanity even edit out at least 1800 lines of what I don't need...).

Many distros have nice, neat lists of the JUST main apps contained in their variants posted with each variant that is offered.

That is what my original query was asking for here, thanks.

Also worthy of note is that having customised Ubuntu Mate to my exact liking, I actually need this distro, well - not a'tall, BUT:
It looks interesting, so I thought I'd give it a spin using my 'play' box that I check out different distros on.

If, however, what I can expect to get in response to forum queries for assistance is criticism and/or open disdain - and funniest of all, getting viewed by folks with less experience than myself as some sort of ignorant newbie...
Then I guess that is all I need to know before passing this one by in favour of friendlier, better handled choices.

Thus far lately I've found a number of distros that are total duds by these very same measures:
And saddest of all=>
PrathamOS (which would be incredibly terrific -IF- anyone gave it the attentions it looks to deserve...)

These are explained here also:!!-(And-queries-)
And even more info may be seen here:

This all reminds me of the sorts of men who INSIST that fuel to air ratio is a hard & fast LAW and that anyone claiming to get over 30 MPG is full of hooey - and these same men will also become openly hostile if/when anyone DARES to challenge their fixed beliefs - all the while driving their 8 cylinder, 3 ton gas guzzlers on the same roads as 50+ MPG little cars.

Openess & open-mindedness & being open to welcome ANYONE is what has gotten the Linux world to where it is today;
Neither disdain nor exclusivity is helpful to spreading the happy news that Linux is really very, very good whilst not being ONLY for eggheads.

In closing here is my hope at this place:
That this single sample of unhelpful treatment is NOT the way I must expect to be regarded by most other users here.


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