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Releases of the 2017 - two lines:

Stable line - based on Debian stable "Stretch":
4.6  - after the Stretch become stable
4.7 - about 6 months after

Main (testing) line - based on Debian testing "Buster':
5.0 - about one month later, after the Stretch become stable
5.1 - August
5.2 - December

To do:
1. Change the 'live-installer' to Calamares
2. No more ideas in this moment, add yours to the discussion

We need a new code name and new artwork (wallpaper, and theme (optional)) for Sparky 5.
The code name should be around the astronomical objects as before.
Place your suggestions below.

Hello, I've been using SparkyLinux for over a year (Xfce / Debian Cinnamon (with Sparky Repos) and KDE) (Multiboot).
First, many thanks for this great distribution.  :) :)
My question is:
What happens with the sources.list and the special sparky repos when Stretch becomes stable ?
All URL's are on testing (not "Stretch")
That would mean that I would change after the release of Stretch automatically to Buster.
Is this supported by SparkyLinux?
Or do I have the URL's first switch to Stretch or Stable?

Oort - For the Oort clouds way past Neptune-Pluto  - about 250000 a.u.  Sparky is far out and cool (or would that be kewl now)

Kuiper - for the closer in belt.

Stars  Deneb - a slight verbal inversion of the majority of our sources.   It is the tail of the swan and quite bright.
           Fomalhaut - cause it sounds cool. Is there something fishy about us using a star from Pisces. 
           Denebola - not to be confused with Deneb  - A lion (Leo) of a star. 

These days, living north of a certain country, the astronomer  Giordano Bruno comes to mind.  Tycho Brahe died in 1601 in his bed.  Giordano died in a pryo-crucifixion, his tongue staked to the roof of his mouth in 1600 and hundreds paid gold currency to watch his swan song. He would not recant his beliefs, one being the Copernican belief that the Earth revolves around the sun. 

As is gets hotter, especially in the Arctic, and science gets tossed into the garbage dumpsters (in Canada under Stephen Harper) and scrubbed from computers in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Bruno is a an example to us all and a rallying cry. 

He does have a lunar crater and and asteroid also named after him.  Peace out.

Sparky based on Debian testing never change its repo name, always use "testing".
There is also Sparky "stable" repo already created.

So Sparky based on Debian stable "Stretch" uses Sparky "stable" and "testing" repos.
Sparky Based on Debian testing uses Sparky "testing" repos only.

To make sure that apt will use correct version of Sparky packages, if different versions available in Sparky stable and testing repos (for stable only) - the preferences file manages it. It is provided by 'sparky-apt' package, different for Sparky 'stable' and 'testing'.

Debian's repo of Sparky based on the stable "Stretch" have to point to Debian's "stable" or "stretch" repos.

So you do not have to do anything manually now.
Just keep your installation up to date.

Releasing Sparky 4.6 based on Debian stable Stretch, I will post how to turn yours existing Sparky based on 'testing' Debian into Sparky based on 'stable' Debian.

My propose of the 5th Sparky code name is Nibiru.

Nibiru, from ancient Sumerian texts, is a planet that our creators came from and that passes into our Solar System every 3600 years.


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