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Started by paxmark1, February 05, 2017, 12:23:49 AM

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New words surface in linux, buzz buzz; and then sometimes they disappear.  But when I see the same word three times in a day, irc, forum1 forum2, well, maybe it is worth looking into.

The site.

From some other people breaking ground for years with Debian - their view on the worth of calamares

It still needs lvm support however.  But with sufficient love, I believe lvm support will be realized.

aptitude show partitionmanager  - seems the depends of the parent is not huge, and will hopefully be smaller than it's parent. 

IMHO, it looks to be a blessing to not only smaller distributions (distros) but also for smaller Desktop Environments (DE's)  peace out. 

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Looks interesting, and if it works out well, it will save both time and resources better spent on other dev things. :)
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A tale of two installs. 

I had problems with the first install of an iso via calamares 3.1. As for years is set up the usb key via "dd".   It borked - failed after hitting enter on the "install via usb" line (different distro). It kept complaining about unable to get the squashfs from sdb.   I tried, I tried, md5 would not list on the usb key on a stable machine.  However redoing the usb key via "cp iso /dev/sdx" and "sync" worked.    I did not try to set it up on a lvm base.  The standard easy install put everything (except swap) in one partition.  All in all pretty easy, but not set up the way I would like.

And then I tried with the 4.7 Sparky.  The other distro had a "Calamares" icon on the upper left.  Sparky had no icon, but the menu with standard install went to a calamares install.  And it went smooth.  If anyone has any success at installing onto a pre-existing lvm partition system, please mention it.  I will try that later this week.

The moral, Calamares looks and performs quite similarly for different distros.  And I believe I will transition away from "dd if=blah.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=512k" to the "cp" method.  Can't wait until it handles lvm
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.

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