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Yesterday I said to my girlfriend that I have new love...
Yea, it's Spaky.

Thank you so much folks for this excellent distribution, Sparky is my first dip into Debian after spending a few years on the Ubuntu Based Distro Linux Lite.

Sparky is excellent and performance is even better. Looks like I have found my Debian home with Sparky Linux Stable.

Thank You

I don't even have words fro how awesome SparkyLinux is. I've been playing with Linux for 15 years. I've been a full time Linux user for 2 years. I've tried all the main distros of Linux on a dozen different laptops from 2gb ram atom based netbooks to i7's with 16GB ram. I've been using SparkyLinux for 24 hours and I can say that this distro jumped to my #1 favourite in that time. Well done. Sparky Linux is AMAZING! BLISTERING fast too!


5 stars


I'm about done with all my testing. I know that SparkyLinux is what I've been looking for. I feel quite confident of that.

minimal-gui install + openbox-dark ... all right! (calamares kept crashing). Installed nvidia-driver, installed steam, opened aptitude and installed (one at a time) various 'tasks', desktops (but not debian, gnome, LXDE, XFCE; there were problems, but i really don't like gnome, which might have worked ok; i instaleld the flashback-gnome)
currently running dcuo (proton 4.11) which is 'installing' in the client (it worked fine in another distro, i'm not worried).


#winner #sparkylinux



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