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Clementine and APE files

Started by RIA77, January 16, 2017, 09:48:42 AM

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Hello to all!

Please, help me, Ape files are not working properly in Clementine.
I can add some files without problems.
Allthough, when I add some files, Clementine is showing one file twice.
Tried with loading of playlists from library. The same problem persists.
Thank you very much.
I have been using MATE Sparky.


Looks like Clementine is no big fan of Ape files.

Is it possible to convert them into another format, or use another media player that support Ape files?
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 Sorry my friend, but this is problem of Sparky, not Clementine.

In Manjaro, Mint 18 and Mint Debian Edition, Ape files are working properly.

I tried many of other distros, and I never saw something like this. Ape files are working, or they are not working at all.
This is the middle variant.  ;D
Cheers  ;)

PS  I tried other players like Deadbeef, but equalizers are problem. I tried Audacious, but I have problem with adding of folders.


Ok, hmmm... middle variant...what if...

Have you installed the media codec package? Or tried the Sparky multimedia edition? Maybe try a reinstall of Clementine, in case you are unlucky and something have gone weird with it?

Seriously (unseriously ???) I am just blazing away...;D
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Two ways out of your dilemma:
      (1)  Install vlc, which faithfully plays everything, audio and video;
      (2)  Install ffmpeg, which is terrific for converting either audio or video.
In your case, converting your ape files to mp3 at 192kb/s, for example,  could be done with the simple terminal command:
ffmpeg -i InputFile.ape -b:a 192000 OutputFile.mp3


RIA77, with the APTus tool you can "Install multimedia codecs". I checked that yesterday and saw that I had some of them already, but not all of them, maybe you are missing some of them? I do not know how important those are regarding your specific problem with Ape files though.
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