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Scanning with Sparky? (SOLVED)

Started by Goofy, January 09, 2017, 09:26:53 AM

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is there a programm in the Sparky, which can managing a simply scan? I use a multi-functioning-printer, which was automatically detected by Sparky and printing is no problem.    :)

For example I have seen that ubuntuusers using the programm sane. I would follow the recommendations of Sparky, if a simple solution is intended.

Thank you for each point


Here is a start, sane is mentioned.

Might be that you need to install a scanner driver that is Linux compatible. Check with the producer of your multifunctional.
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Hi blaze,
thank you for your tip.    :)

I have looked to that web-page, but it seems thats is almost too high for me...  :-\   Think of it, I am a newbie...  ::)
-I don't know, what I should downloaded from which source; And then, if it would downloaded, what goes on? -And so on?  :'(

But on this way I analyzed the Sparky-facts:
1. The Sane-Backend already exists on the Sparky
2. I need a HP-driver, which doesn't supported by HP, but thankfully und luckily by the HPLIP-Projekt:
But also this would not be an easy execise for me...  :-[
But the best news is, that those drivers on Sparky already installed, too.    :D

3. Only a Frontend must be still installed. For me is the "Simple Scan"-Frontend enough and so I typed at the LXTerminal:

sudo apt-get install simple-scan

And ready, there it was (Menu, Graphic,).    ;D

But I must say, that really helpfull informations are not located on the Sparky-Wiki; I found this on the Ubuntu-Wiki.   :-X
(german language)



Hey Goofy, you solved your problem. That `s  8)

Please edit your thread title, just add (SOLVED) to it. Helps others when searching for a solution with the same kind of problem. :)
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I have done it, blaze.

Thank you! Nice to meet you...


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