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Open Selected Application

Started by haalikes, January 13, 2017, 08:33:31 AM

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Just installed sparky and new to linux. I find it hard to find this in google.
Is there an application in Sparky that i can limit the users accessiblity? What i mean is that they can only open and see in the desktop the applications that i selected them to see/execute. So when they will use the computer, they cant do other stuffs like check the disk,open folder, see the specs, etc. They can only open the games i selected and the browser. nothing else.

I know some coding and im a beginner in linux but in case there's already an application for this, kindly give some keywords/links/advise.
Or some suggestions for work around.



Hi haalikes, welcome to Sparky! :)

Which version of Sparky did you install?

Are you looking for some kind of parental control application?
Unstable OpenBoxer


Added some links with some reading for gathering info and maybe kick off some ideas for further investigation of your request.  :)
Unstable OpenBoxer

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