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Open Selected Application

Started by haalikes, January 13, 2017, 08:33:31 AM

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Just installed sparky and new to linux. I find it hard to find this in google.
Is there an application in Sparky that i can limit the users accessiblity? What i mean is that they can only open and see in the desktop the applications that i selected them to see/execute. So when they will use the computer, they cant do other stuffs like check the disk,open folder, see the specs, etc. They can only open the games i selected and the browser. nothing else.

I know some coding and im a beginner in linux but in case there's already an application for this, kindly give some keywords/links/advise.
Or some suggestions for work around.



Hi haalikes, welcome to Sparky! :)

Which version of Sparky did you install?

Are you looking for some kind of parental control application?
Unstable OpenBoxer


Unstable OpenBoxer

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