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Sparky apps, repos, and other questions

Started by dwb814, January 02, 2017, 10:16:25 PM

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I did a Sparky Mate live today. I'm trying to get away from Ubuntu and derivatives. I noticed whem I loaded the live version that Mate Tweak was missing. Also, dconfig wasn't there. I would like to know if there are kernel vulnerabilities, how fast are they patched by Sparky. I noticed gimp was missing as well, so additional repos I assume are needed. Thank you.


Explain "I did a Sparky Mate live today".   Did you just run the live system or did you do a full install?  If the latter - after installation did you update and upgrade and full-upgrade and was it via the Sparky-aptus or via command line? 

Have you done "aptitude show tweak" or "apt-cache policy tweak" ?  tweak is just "apt install tweak" away.  Quite similar to install  gimp. And the other -  "apt install dconf-editor"  might be what you want. 

The standard kernels are via Debian, search for vulnerabilities there.

if you are still on Mate on Ubuntu post "apt-cache policy  dconfig" to see if there is such a program - what you probably want might be  dconf-editor.

The Sparky Wiki and the Debian Wiki are home to many answers to questions. 

If it is security that is foremost for you, all variants of Debian Testing are not for you.  Security hierarchy is Stable, LTStable, Sid and last to receive security is Testing. 
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


@dwb814, you can also do;

apt search <packagename>

in terminal to see what is available. Sometimes it is more convenient to use Synaptic for package search. Well, in my opinion of course.  ;)
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I checked Debian's Wiki and there is indeed a package called mate-tweak.

So I used apt to check it and its in the repos.

just issue the following commands in the terminal.

sudo apt update

sudo apt search mate-tweak to confirm its there, then to install

sudo apt install mate-tweak.

Afterwards, issue the following for some housekeeping.

sudo apt-get autoremove

and answer "y" to complete any housekeeping it determines needs to be done.

Paul (sasdthoh)

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