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Change Edit Panel Digital Clock

Started by Goofy, January 07, 2017, 11:33:45 AM

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Hello Linux-fighters,    ;)

I wanted to change the clock from the LXPanel in the bottom right corner of the desktop. I wanted to change from time to time and date.
But I couldn't find any information about this simply thing. I searched two hours   >:(
...but I'm sure, it must give a simpler way. I have likely only overlooked it...   :-\

Ok, here my results for other Linux-newbies:
The only helpfull website, which I founded:

The crucial table:

    %a - The abbreviated weekday name (Sun)
    %A - The full weekday name (Sunday)
    %b - The abbreviated month name (Jan)
    %B - The full month name (January)
    %d - Day of the month (01..31)
    %e - Day of the month (1..31)
    %H - Hour of the day, 24-hour clock (00..23)
    %I - Hour of the day, 12-hour clock (01..12)
    %l - Hour of the day ()
    %j - Day of the year (001..366)
    %m - Month of the year (01..12)
    %M - Minute of the hour (00..59)
    %p - Meridian indicator (AM or PM)
    %S - Second of the minute (00..60)
    %w - Day of the week (Sunday is 0, 0..6)
    %y - Year without a century (00..99)
    %Y - Year with century
    %Z - Time zone name
    %% - Literal % character

Maybe there's a way for a little bit komfortabler?


Seriously I do not have a clue if this is link below is "komfortabler"  ;D
Unstable OpenBoxer


As you said, it's the LXDE panel so, go to:
Make backup of the panel file, just in case.
Then edit it, go to section:
Plugin {
  Config {
    TooltipFmt=%A %x

Change the line:
using the formats you enclosed in the first post, for example:
ClockFmt=%H %M %S
(try with others too)
Save the file, and reboot the panel:
killall -9 lxpanel &
lxpanel &

or log out and log in back to take effects.
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Hello blaze,

yes, that frontend in your link for the clock looks nice; But if you click the link, there is nothing to find about that...   :o
...I remember, that I found the same over my searching... -But just not this App.   :)

Thank you pavroo for these commands for the Terminal...     ::)

No, to change the time display is not difficulty (by rigth-click, and choose time-options); But I must know the characters, which I need to set the clock in my way. And I tell you, that this table in my link is not complete: There are more, because the default-settings contains characters, which there are not in that table. But both sources together were ok...   :-\

If somebody could find a complete table, this would be beautiful, for the future.


Hello seppalta,

nice simulator...   :)

I have set now:
%A %x %n %R:%S

in our table sources is missing %n or %x for example...    :o


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