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Started by zkorvezir, December 16, 2016, 09:19:13 AM

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I have discovered this distribution before several days on Distrowatch.

Great Distribution.
Good Job.

Several comments and suggestions:
Using fbpanel is good choice.
I personally use at home OpenSUSE with Openbox & fbpanel.

The possibility of using so many desktops in one distribution is great.
Freedom of choice.  ;)

Personally I am a fan of ultrafast distributions which use low resources.

Openbox+fbpanel is good choice but it is not complete desktop.
I always loved KDE 2. It is full desktop, good balance of features and it is very fast.
Trinity DE is аlso good choice but it use much more resources.
So what you think about:

When we are at KDE here is one another interesting project:
KDE Restoration Project

For the end here is Pixel Desktop Environment:

Continue with this great work.

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