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4.4 game over ed. blacked out x icons after upgrade

Started by mkey2ky, December 02, 2016, 05:46:41 AM

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im new to this. and yes am coming from windows with very little knowledge of ubuntu stuff when fixing things for in store use via pizza hut back in the day for there touch screen order systems but all in all quick learner and know enough i must have messed something up lol check it out

upgrade app running warns to insure the screen lock thing doesnt occur so i go before i do i see screen saver options and i was screwing around and as soon as i clicked just black option while upgrade was in motion it literally went to a: 
" -       

  black screen then it came back as stated blacked out x'd icons following the initial upgrade first run screen, it says fully installed ,still the same. i opened root term. in os itself ,not the grub before o.s. full boot,   " sorry in advance if my words are wrong lol " but i am sure linux command vets get what i am saying.
             apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade
    it required me to do -f install and stuff like that i did and it is still currently doing all the stuff i assume i am reupgrading manually asking about grub install devices now which i am confused as to how to check all its claiming it was installed to a disk no longer present " the dvd i live installed maybe?"
not too shabby for a non terminal user heh??? >:p

am i doing this right so far as a new user and also dumb question how do i check the dagum boxes -.-
this looks very radical to say the least and i am excited to use debian for the first time via sparky g.o.e. propts to the community and i hope
having a good head on my shoulders will allow me to be of help to others once my knowledge base of this stuff grows :) thank you and yes this is urgent

:update: duh the freakin space bar. figured it out. still doing its thing id like to at liest get feed back on a job well done kinda done am i breaking it do i need to do a clean install? if all is good ill update again otherwise heres my initial hello and i hope every one in the group is welcoming lol thank you for your input advise and recommendations for a knewb i am looking around the forum and am reading intently to further my understanding of debian and term. commands lol
.... ok update now its saying warnings

dpkg: warning: package not in status nor available database line 2: gnuplot5-date:all
dpkg: warning: found uknown packages; this might mean the available database is outdated, and needs to be updated through a frontend method;   -.-


i assume i fixed it -.- its working now everything is showing did i do it?? again any support feed back on job well done or advise / topics to go read is appreciated lol

its giving me options to insta;; liquirix kernal i am running a 64 bit pentium p6100 acer laptop i assume thats the way to go right?
Well I did that and it's rebooting beautifully. I might have a future in stuff like this lol


Nothing is working right I don't know what I am doing or messed up. Bluetooth USB adapter isnt working and none of the selections would select controllers don't pick up but still first player light on controller. I guess win win regardless cause I fixed grub and can log into Windows again but dagum :/ I want this to work

Anyone? -.-


I'm not a programmer or developer but I have been a Sparky user for some time (since v. 3.2) and this is what I think may have happened:

Aside from the screensaver kicking in etc. while upgrading, most Sparky editions have been upgraded to v 4.5 but NOT GameOver or MultiMedia, which are still in  v. 4.4.

That will probably change soon and that should put your version up to date.

Pavroo (Sparky's developer) and other knowledgeable posters may be able to help you solve this now, however.

I personally also have at least two or three operating systems functioning and up to date on any given computer and keep my data on a separate partition so I can use any of them to keep up with my work.

Check the Sparky website to see when GameOver edition has been upgraded to the v. 4.5. This does not mean your problem can not be fixed before then, of course.

There is is also a Rescue version you can download.

And don't forget that Sparky is based on Debian Testing so it can break but it is usually possible to repair it rapidly. 

You might also want to restate your problem in the simplest and most concise terms possible.

Good luck.

Sparky APTUS (a front end for a number of maintenance tasks), includes both Upgrade Your System Safely, and Upgrade Your System.

Obviously, the first is ... safer.

That means it should be used more often, since Sparky is built on Debian Testing and GameOver is a specialized edition.

Remember than the default edition of Debian (like Fedora) is Gnome.  Pavroo is an LXDE expert and LXDE, LXQt and Xfce are modular desktop environments that can be combined with a high degree of success but that nevertheless requires an amount of tinkering that never ceases, on a rolling edition. 

Sparky is about as stable as you can get for a rolling edition.


Bet lol thanks I'll give it a shot when I get home

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