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Just another intro...

Started by blaze, November 30, 2016, 08:25:11 PM

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Hi people. Decided to sign up before the install this time. Will wait til the 4.5 editon hits the mirrors, so in the meantime I thought I should say hi people. :)

Not much to write about really, I prefer the OpenBox to a full DE, but I have a soft spot for LXDE for obvious reasons. Have settled down in the Debian part of the unixiverse, want to add that I am  cool with it`s derivatives too.

Normally I like to play with this gangsta kid named Sid, even if he sometimes behaves like  ::)

That is all really, see you around! :)
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Welcome blaze  :D

4.5 will come within the next few days...

Please enjoy the world of Sparky and Openbox!  ;D


Hi balloon, nice to meet you. :)

Looking forward to the new release. The dev release of 4.5 are quite impressive, so I suspect that satisfaction will be in abundance. ;D

Took the Grand tour of the Sparky main site yesterday, and I must say that it were a very pleasant visit. Straightforward, informative nice looking and very easy to navigate. The only drawback were the ads, but hey, we all got to put food on the table. ;)

Will acquaint myself with the Sparky forum a bit more now. :)
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Downloaded the 4.5  minimal GUI iso, used the dd method to write it to usb. Installed and dist-upgraded to unstable. Everything went without without problems. Now I am doing some personal decorations and adjustments. All in all, very  8)
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Just a short last recap. Have added some stuff that I need, Dropbox, Libre office suite, Firefox etc...and a couple of cli applications that comes in handy. But there were one BIG surprise for me during these days.

It happened when I decided to see if wireless printing would work. This normally functions quite well after some installing of printer drivers and frustration of missing dependencies. So I clicked away on Print Settings and went with every default choice that was suggested to me. Suddenly cups says it want to print a test page, I answer yes and think "Yeah right  ::)". I see that it starts processing, and after a while the message Idle comes up. Again I think "Yeah right  ::)" Then I go to the printer  which is located in another room, and to my BIG surprise!!! The test page is ready and waiting for me.  I were, and still are in :o

This relatively small, simple, and incidental occurrence has made me very determined to try to make this last. See you around! :)
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