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Downgrade to php 5.6

Started by ansaro, November 10, 2016, 05:01:01 PM

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Hi all!
I'm in love with sparky, but i'm on a little trouble, this version (TYche) comes with php7 on it's repos, but I need php 5.6 for retro maintenance.
could someone help me with this ?

Thanks in advance


What I have started doing is installing a lamp server using virtualbox, that way I can use whichever distro provides the best setup solution (usually I use debian Jessie base). It also makes testing easier (IMO) as it will act more liike a remote server even though it is local.
And I usually use a host only network adaptor when testing (unless I need it to have external network access)


Thank you for the answer. I prefer using vagrant for testing purposes, but what i am looking for is php 5.6 working on sparky no chrooted solution. I mean, Ubuntu has ondrej repo, works like a charm, but i can't get phpmyadmin working on (and some other stuff using php-gettext  and mbstring
Thanks again for your time

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