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Transforming game-over edition to multimedia edition

Started by panchoponchos, October 29, 2016, 10:15:53 PM

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I have an installation of game over edition with 3 accounts (my family members), but I would prefer my session to be multimedia edition, so I am wondering if is possible to download an extension/package that transforms my session adding the multimedia features.

I would really appreciate it, thanks,


Nice question. I am on lxqt or kde, be that for older machines or new, more powerfull machines.  In other distros, (ubuntu studio for ex) multimedia editions have a LOT of extra NICE stuff.... if not needed, well.... usseles, but it would be very cool having a "meta package" to add "multimedia" to ...say lxqt or kde editions.....  8)  Pavroo?

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