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very curios thing

Started by MariusApo, September 25, 2016, 10:41:02 PM

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well,i downloaded the x86_64 version of the gameover linux and i had a big surprise,after installing it on my pc (i have a intel i5 cpu,all 64 bits),after update when it ask for what kernel to use,i chosed the 64 and it came up that i use the 32 bits linux and can't be installed,so,how the hell that happen ? on a 64 bits cpu ,the linux installed is 32 bits ? never ever happened to me with another linux distro,so,how can i change the linux from 32 bits to 64 bits ? i made a bootable USB with the iso file of the gameover....


Are you sure you have 64 bit system installed?
Show me:
uname -a
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i think i know my own pc to know that is a full 64 bit machine,even with other linux distros it tells me that a 32 bit linux can't be installed on a 64 bit machine,neither windows 32 bit is not installing on my pc for same reason,so how come that this linux installed the 32 bit version ? and how can i install the 64 bit,right now i changed the kernel PAE,i still can't install the 64 bit kernet coz it tells me the same thing,can't install 64 bit kernet on a 32 bit linux


32 bit linux will install on a 64 bit machine.

You need to wipe the drives and re-install new 64 bit OS rather than just upgrade.

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