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Greetings from Germany

Started by berliner58, August 30, 2016, 07:11:08 PM

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Hello to all and thanks to the mastermind behind Sparky Linux for this wonderfull distro.

I am quite new to linux and started with Linux Mint Cinnamon. So new for a Windows User.
My first installation went wrong because I didn't know that  the slash  "/" meant "root".

Then I gradually tested Mint Mate, then Mint Xfce and LMDE 2 Betsy.
After that I discovered other distros and installed them.
Mageia, Elementary OS, Ubuntu and others.  Some didn't even make the install process because something went wrong and I found no answers or solutions.

Somehow I found Sparky, maybe at Distro-watch.

The installation went smooth and I was amazed at the speed of Sparky on an old  1 CPU Modell of a Dell PC. It was faster than LMDE and faster than Debian and faster than Mint Xfce.
And the shutdown was the fastest I ever saw.
The boot time was as fast as  with Mint Xfce with erat installed.

Since I had some experience with Synaptic, I was able to install applications into Sparky.

Now I am learning and learning, but Sparky is my favorite distro. I use the Mate desktop because I have been using it in other distros.



have a try with lxqt desktop ;)


Thanks carlo.
I immediately installed the lxqt desktop with sparky desktop installer.

A lot happened, I saw it in the terminal which popped up.

But after a restart nothing had changed. Still the Mate desktop and I have no idea how the lxqt should look and how to get there.
But some things I noticed:
In the applications menu there are more apps than before.  Some now are double like the screensaver app.
The screen resolution is better than before, somehow it looks clearer and better.

Maybe I should install sparky with lxqt from an iso besides the sparky mate which I have ?
Maybe then the lxqt is visible how it should be ?
I will try tomorrow.


No need to format, Berliner:
you should click somewhere* on the login screen and select lxqt rather than mate ;)

as for the new programs you can see now it's lxqt preferences programs

on my old machines lxqt is really lighter than mate lxqt and xfce

* i mean there should be some sort of symbol or writing

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