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Linux in the Windows-Network

Started by Gusau, August 13, 2016, 11:55:02 PM

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Hi there,

At first: I'm a German! I hope you understand my English :)

My Problem: I want to connect Sparky Linux (LXDE Version in 32-Bit) with other Windows-PCs in a Workgroup. I get connection from Linux to Windows, so I can see the folders which are shared from the Windows PC's.
But: If I share a Linux-Folder with samba, and want access with Windows (7), it ask me for a Username and a Passwort!? But I did not forgive any special rights for any users.
The access is "open" for any user.

I use the tool "system-config-samba".

Grateful for help,


This post may help

You may need to add users to the samba group and setup the samba password for the user
sudo smbpasswd -a yourname

and restart the PCs.

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