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Any video downloader available?

Started by colonel, August 02, 2016, 03:42:49 PM

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Is there any downloader which can download videos


VideoDownloadHelper plugin for Firefox is not bad.
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In testing, youtube-dl is often new enough to work with most sites.  mpv has an option to use youtube-dl also -- via "man mpv"

  --ytdl, --no-ytdl
              Enable  the  youtube-dl hook-script. It will look at the input URL, and will play the video located on the website. This works with many streaming
              sites, not just the one that the script is named after. This requires a recent version of youtube-dl to be installed on the  system.  (Enabled  by
              default, except when the client API / libmpv is used.)
              If the script can't do anything with an URL, it will do nothing.
              Video  format/quality  that  is  directly passed to youtube-dl. The possible values are specific to the website and the video, for a given url the
              available formats can be found with the command youtube-dl --list-formats URL. See youtube-dl's documentation for  available  aliases.   (Default:
              youtube-dl's default, currently bestvideo+bestaudio/best)
              Pass arbitrary options to youtube-dl. Parameter and argument should be passed as a key-value pair. Options without argument must include =.
              There is no sanity checking so it's possible to break things (i.e.  passing invalid parameters to youtube-dl).
                        --ytdl-raw-options=username=user,password=pass --ytdl-raw-options=force-ipv6=

and of course my favourite way to get music from "cough cough" is

youtube-dl --extract-audio --prefer-ffmpeg --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 0 --embed-thumbnail  "URL"

I have stopped using a few scripts via the above. 

Of course, never underestimate "wget". 

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I have had good luck with pmytd (Poor Man's Youtube Downloader),  which is a simple bash front end to youtube-dl:


Quote from: paxmark1 on August 02, 2016, 11:25:18 PMyoutube-dl --extract-audio --prefer-ffmpeg --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 0 --embed-thumbnail  "URL"

Thanks paxmark1, this makes certain things much easier. :)
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Sparky has youtube-dlg in its repos, the graphical frontend for youtube-dl. I use it every now and then. It works without issues and has some options to make things more convenient.

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There are many online downloaders: keepvid, savefrom, clip converter (I like this site most:, offliberty and more;
And free video downloader that can be installed on computer safely:
Also, browser's add-on can be helpful in video downloading: (for chrome as an example) 

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