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Enlightenment - Screen is always dark

Started by ohajo, September 25, 2016, 03:22:56 PM

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I'm new an have a major problem with enlightenment. Sparkyversion and Enlightenment are up to date. Today I logged in as root. After that i have a very darkened scree as normal user. I cannot brighten screen anymore. On the shelf the helper for brightness is still present, but if i light my screen, it resets itself to zero. I did not change anything in systemkonfiguration. System starts normal, but shortly before loginscreen it gets dark. What can i do, to get a really working screen again? Sorry for my bad English and thank You for every help. 


It's strange. Logging as root shouldn't change anything in the regular user home dir.
Anyway, check to make sure, does your dir belong to you:
ls -la .e
ls -la .elementary
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