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How to get Enlightment?

Started by MoonKid, May 02, 2016, 04:13:32 PM

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In the about-page and on DistroWatch is written that SparkyLinux offers Englightment as one of its standard desktops.
But on the download page I can not find a ISO wit Englightment.
Did I missunerstood something?


Greetings from germany

as far as I see, you are right... and you are not....
somehow the direkt link on the page to
the enlightenment-isos is gone... but on
sourceforge you can browse through all the available isos




I stopped making Enlightenment iso, as well as Budgie and JWM, and I didn't even try to make a few else that some guys asked me already.

There is MinimalGUI and MinimalCLI iso images insted which lets you install 20 desktops of your choice, including Enlightenment.
Just make sure your internet connection is on, during installation and check the Wiki page if any problem:
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Should I expect any incompatibilities with the LXDE edition and installing e20 along side it?


If you are ultimately looking for Enlightenment as the desktop I highly recommend starting with the minimalCLI installation and choosing Enlightenment as the desktop from the get go. It might be some work getting it all to exactly where you want to be (I worked on my Gnome version for three + months) but in the end you will have exactly what you want.


As has been posted to death on numerous forums, enlightenment is at E17 from Debian sources.  It cannot be installed via tasksel, but can be by apt-get install

Various people desire E>17 for various reasons, one being kicking the tires of Wayland. 

As a test I tried the instructions on a Debian testing Sparky install on an Atom with 1Gb.  Instructions are at

One more thing needs to be installed libpoppler-cpp0v5, I also installed libpoppler-cpp-dev

It does take awhile to compile, it gives some wicked error messages when it is compiling terminology.  The compile listed at that E web site does not give the proper flags to compile with wayland and weston support, but, but, I did a reboot and I could mouse down to enlightenment in sddm and voila, There it is.  And terminology works.  One well crafted script. 

Considering that the web site listed above is probably focused on debian stable and prior to the gcc and other major changes, that is quite impressive. 

Enlightenment is not my DE of choice.  But if people want to grow and learn why not use this thread or start a new one about what flags to use, what works, what doesn't. 

EDITED:  addition.  PackRat posted at VSIDO  comment 10 

I do not know much about the repositiory.  I do not know if it will work with changing one word in the line to "testing" from "unstable"  I have read things and interpreted them that testing Wayland in a VM is not much of a test, the true test is on bare metal.  I would be tempted to try it on an old computer, but I do not have the time.   
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