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Wow.. just wow..

Started by Jake Sully, May 20, 2016, 05:43:50 AM

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Jake Sully


Just purchased a brand new HP Stream 11 notebook for my son to learn Arduino & programming etc.
Desperate to wipe the bloated commercial OS from it & tried several Distro's.
All had hardware or configuration defects.

Booted Sparky 4.3 Xfce 64 bit from USB & amazed 100% perfect hardware recognition. Zoinks!  :o
This was unheard of in Linux a short time ago..

Video - Yes
Sound - Yes
Bluetooth - Yes
Wifi - Yes
Network Shares - Yes
Networked Wifi Printers - Yes

Beautiful job team!
Thank you sincerely for your work & generosity.
Donation forthcoming!  ;D


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