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Greetings from germany

Started by seonine, May 08, 2016, 10:15:31 PM

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Hi everyone...

this is SeONine from germany.... linuxer since 1992, debian addict since 1994/1996...
REX went stable in 1996! I remember this... I am old! 46!

Working as a security auditor in a big security company...

I am using Linux for over 20 years now, but with sparky it seems to end!
still wondering if I found what I was looking for... everything is just fine :o
or easy to fix (or to work around in the ugly way)....

... and by the way.... the way to kommunikate here in this forum is still very
nice, polite and friendly - I hope we all can keep this way... have seen it the other way...

@pavroo: Keep going... you are doing a great job!

The Black Pig


QuoteI am old! 46
Believe me, you are not.
We have many older community members than you, even me, and I still feel young :)
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Hi seonine, I'm also new to SparkyLinux.  Welcome from a Sparky Newbie  :).  I'm sure your years of experience is going to be very much appreciated.  This is a nice civilized distro.  I've not seen any discourtesy or brattish behaviour, that's so prevalent in some other larger distros.  Just good old fashioned Linux/Debian enthusiasts  ;)! 
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