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Using old architecture on new architecture

Started by ifseplz, February 21, 2016, 07:32:25 PM

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Hello other people.

I'm using SparkyLinux 4.2 LXDE i586 non-pae.


live@live:/$ grep processor /proc/cpuinfo
processor: 0

Memory: 502MB of 3163MB used.

This Linux version is using 1 processor and 3163MB memory.
My computer has a quad core cpu and 8gb of memory installed.

Can this i586 architecture cause malfunctions to the hardware, since this is not x64?
Is i586 compatible with architectures 'above' it - like x64?
If it is, that means that it is safe to use i586 of this hardware?
What happens to the rest of the memory and the other cpus?


If you have more than 1 core of CPU, simply install linux-image i686-pae to get the power of all of your CPU cores and RAM memory bigger than 4GB.
It is available after installing Sparky on a hard drive and upgrading the system.
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Yes, I know. I'm still using the i586 version and I'm getting to like it. Runs smoothly. In fact, it even goes on with the saying "less is more".
To answer my question - no, it didn't do any damage to the system.

I'm using the memory that's plugged into the motherboard, but I'm using 30% of it. And I'm using the cpu, but only one core.

What happens with the rest of the cpu cores and rest of the memory?


Hi ifseplz  :)

Well I am new here but i figured I would throw in my 2 cents here !
I ran an older kernel as a matter of fact that only used one core on my dual core
intel for years ! I had no problems !  ;D

Just make sure she runs nice an cool  ;D
Anyone can build a fast processor. The trick is to build a fast system. (Seymour Cray)

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