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Started by banerd, April 08, 2016, 05:17:06 PM

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Hi ! I have an issue that is not a Sparky Issue,it's more a Grub  issue. I am using an old 32bit XPS 400 Dell,I currently have 5 operating systems on it including Sparky,(Which is my newest install )on 2 hard drives.This work horse has operated fine until I replaced one with Sparky. the problem is that grub will not show up on start up.(i get a grub rescue message) so,i run my boot repair disc once or twice until it feels like working. it tells me to change my settings to EFI from legacy. This old machine does not have EFI in the bios. so im not sure if the kernel is too new (4.4 i think it is ) or I am just burnt out and  missing something. I really dont want to have to run boot repair every time i i said boot repair works sometimes and sometimes, i have to run it 2-3 times, purging and reinstalling.Anyway, Great job on this Distro. hats off to the crew. I appreciate any suggestions anyone may have.


i am using sparky i586 ,should i be using i686 ?


If you have a single core CPU, it does not matter do you use i586 o i686 kernel, but the i586 is dropped already so you sholud install i686 to recive updates to your kernel.

And it is not a problem with the kernel, but with Grub.
If Sparky is your the latest OS you installed, run Sparky, than run Synaptic, refresh package list, search grub, mark all 4 grub installed packages to be reinstalled.
It should re-install grub properly.
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Thank you, Pavroo. That was it  . grub-pc 2.02~beta2-36 was high lighted in red. I reinstalled all 4 . On another note ,I have been downloading i686 for 24 hours and am only at 50% .there is only 1 seed. Thanks for your help. Banerd


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