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Frustrated with limited repos

Started by jeffneedle, March 14, 2016, 06:38:39 AM

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Okay, I know that Icedove is available in Sparky, but I have Thunderbird all set up, with all the add-ons, etc.  And I really don't want to start over.  Is there a Debian repo I can add that will give me Thunderbird (and Chromium) in Synaptic?  I really need these.

Any help will be appreciated.

(Not sure how to determine my Sparky version.  It's a download from about two months ago, but fully updated.  64-bit, Mate desktop.


Menu > System Tools > About SparkyLinux to determine the version.


Huh.  That option is not on my system.  The first entry is "Caja" in the System Tools category.


To get Sparky About install 'sparky-about' package.
I haven't seen any repos with Thunderbird for Debian.
Firefox is in Sid repos already by the way.
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As of today, no thunderbird yet in sid, still ice dove.  This is typed in Firefox. 

apt-cache show firefox
Package: firefox
Version: 45.0-1,3458.msg7506.html#msg7506

Maybe two more days until firefox hits testing. 
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Thanks for the info.  Too bad about Tbird.  I appreciate the help.


Greetings from germany....

??? I am a little bit confused, what are you talking 'baut?
Tunderbird is more or less Icedove! ;)

When I imigrated to the sparkyworld I was using Thunderbird before and I did not
really start with a new Icedove-setup-orgie.... 'am using more than ten mail-addys....
I moved my .thunderbird directory in my new /home/MyUserName/ in the sparky machine,
as root I made
chown -vR MyUserName:MyUserGroup /home/MyUserName/.thunderbird
and as the user I linked .thunderbird with .icedove and started icedove from the menu....
Works great for me! Even a return to the original someBuntuMachine to thunderbird did work.

Only my solution....  8)


My main objection seems to have been solved.  I'm vision impaired, and for a long time, pressing alt-+ would not work in increasing type size when using Icedove.  It now works!  Problem solved.


For anyone else with this problem, I've been using the ubuntuzilla repo for Thunderbird and Seamonkey for quite a while under Sparky. Sometimes takes a while for the repo to catch up with the latest releases, but that is the only problem I've hit.

The repo repackages the binary releases from Mozilla for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey, is quite easy to install and once the repo is added, will pull in updates automatically.

Instructions for setting it up are here:



Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.



Any time that i need a program that is not in Synaptic Package Manager I try to find the *.deb file. In fact... I always search in Internet for *.deb file first.
Almost all software linux producers produce their *.deb file ( but also you can install a program compiling tar ball file )

Have you tried to find your version here ?

If during install with Debi Installer, you get error about libraries:

1- Install the library that is missing and re try to install your *.deb
2- If you cannot resolve the problem .... it is a post from pavroo how to install Gimp ( find also my post about  XAME 3.0 - worthy to have ).

Hope this helps

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