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Intro and thanks

Started by ChrisUK, April 15, 2017, 05:06:08 PM

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I've used Linux since SuSE Linux (4.2 IIRC); I've used most of the established Distros over the years, and a few that didn't last a year. My main OS has been Linux Mint MATE, lately LMDE2 MATE. I prefer Debian-based Distros to others, so thought I'd try a rolling or semi-rolling release.

SparkyLinux has been around for nearly 5 years, and is based on Debian Testing, so I figured it was time to test it out. All my hardware was recognised by the Live USB, so I installed it to a spare partition. So, how did I get on?...

I'll make it short - within a day, I had a fully configured OS with all the programs that I need each day (Including Wine32 and VirtualBox, oh, and the Liquorix Kernel). I needed to type more than I clicked, but I'm fine with the terminal and/or editing config files. I've had no problems at all... as stable as LMDE2, which is pretty solid.

So, well done to the devs and to the founder(s) of SparkyLinux - keep up the good work, it is much appreciated ;)



Hi Chris, nice to meet you. Thanks for intro. :)
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