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Mini iso

Started by The Black Pig, February 01, 2016, 06:01:18 PM

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Which of thse would you like to see in a 'mini'  iso

Synaptic Package Manager
20 (60.6%)
PCManfm   - file manager
18 (54.5%)
Thunar - file manager
10 (30.3%)
9 (27.3%)
22 (66.7%)
8 (24.2%)
9 (27.3%)
GDebi Package Installer
19 (57.6%)
Image Viewer
14 (42.4%)
4 (12.1%)
xfce terminal
17 (51.5%)

Total Members Voted: 33


Hi partsman

The JWM is really fast and lightweight but there are to many Sparky spins exist to make another one.
Anyway the JWM can be installed with Sparky "look and feel" using the minimal iso now:

This is a good idea to add an option of desktop installation to APTus.
I even start working with that a year ago, but dropped it, so it still is on my local drive.
I was too busy than to finish it, but now, there are desktop meta packages exist (built for the minimal iso) so shoud be easy to add it to APTus soon.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Hello all  :)
Thanks I did take the min iso for a spin via live usb !  ;)
Very nice very well done !
Also thanks for the info about JWM !
And yes adding the desktop installer to APTus is good !
I have another box a may install this on but I need to spend some time
moving some files around on the hard drive before hand !

As far as my 64bit xfce4 install I am very happy with so going to leave it alone !
My other box is running LMDE2 and its begging for some sparky !  ;D

And like I said the former was merely just random thoughts  ;)
Thanks to all here who help make sparky possible !  ;)
Very nice indeed !  :)
Anyone can build a fast processor. The trick is to build a fast system. (Seymour Cray)


My first post here.. greetings from Romania.
I like very much the idea of a minimal ISO. I'm a long time Bodhi Linux user and like their approach to minimalism. I also like Enlightenment. It's too bad you dropped the Enlightenment ISO but I understand it's not really mainstream.
However I find your Minimal GUI really overweight with a lot of unnecessary software. So maybe can you create a micro ISO with only synaptic, a file manager (double commander is really cool and has lots of extra) and a terminal and let the users choose what they want?! Just a suggestion... and frankly openbox is not that small/efficient. I think for instance you could do a Enlightenment desktop and if the user chooses to install another DE you could make an option to uninstall Enlightenment completely after the new DE is installed.


Put whatever you want. I can wipe it later
I love aptus, synaptic. I need nothing more. Lxterm,anything is fine.KISS
Keep fireFarce and Liberated office away from a "mini" iso
Start with a simple WM even a newb can handle. Openbox or a mildly Pavvood AwesomeWM would be fine
Openbox 'Noir" is the finest pre figged WM I have ever encountered.

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