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CIFS in fstab Not Mounting

Started by sketchman, February 01, 2016, 01:46:03 AM

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I have the following entry in my fstab to mount a network share at boot. This works in other distros just fine. But in Sparky, no go.

// /mnt/nas cifs username=####,password=######## 0 0

What do I do to get it to behave like I'm used to? Or is there some other way I'm supposed to do it?

I'm using Sparky LXQT 64 with recent update. Recent like today. :)

EDIT: Probably should have mentioned I do have cifs utilities installed and this share mounts just fine manually. I can run "mount -a" and it shows up as it should as shown in the fstab entry I pasted in here.


So apparently this is a Newbie question, IMHO, with a not so Newbie friendly solution. Again IMHO.

Not really sure why this is still a problem given that the fix is to edit one file by adding one TINY line, but here is the fix if anybody else was curious.


Add the following to /etc/default/rcS:


Again, I don't understand how this is still an issue. That link is from the middle of 2014. ???

But oh well.

EDIT: OK. That didn't work in Sparky. So I'm back to the beginning.


Got it. Sort of.

I add the "mount -a" command to a new script in /etc/network/if-up.d folder.

CIFS share now mounts at boot, but this is redundant and dirty, though simple. fstab should be the only edit needed. Not sure what's going on. But it does work now.


This is still working great. Just wanted to add. I know pcmanfm-qt can mount the share just fine, BUT when I did that VLC could not find files that I dragged into the playlist. So, this is not a satisfactory method IMO.

But the "mount -a" script does work.

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