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Started by bwmiller, January 28, 2016, 03:47:24 PM

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The upgrade of Ment-Menu today, did not go well. The upgrade removed the menu from my menu bar. I unstalled it, and restalled still no go.


Welcome bwmiller. :D

Are you saying is that what the menu?
Perhaps it is the wrong name. (mintMenu=MATE Menu?)
Because we it can not understand, it does not have specific reply.


I'm sorry. It is the Mate Menu(Advanced Mate Menu). Its the one that come with Mint Mate.


There was no upgrade of mintmenu today. Current mintmenu version is 5.6.6 (source: deb betsy main  as of today) and dates from 2015-12-16
Maybe you upgraded some other packages that collide with mintmenu or uninstalled dependencies of mintmenu.
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Thanks for your reply.
That was what I thought, but what?


Short answer - Oh wait, this is debian with it's excellent buglist,  searching for mate-menu yields

long answer

examination of /var/log/dpkg.log and apt-cache showpkg mate-menu might help.  For apt-cache especially look at dependencies and reverse dependencies.

It sounds like an upstream bug, so going to mate  specific sites with bug lists is a good bet.  The further upstream the better. 

I believe that LMDE and Mint specific sites are still with sysvinit and not sytemd.  I have no idea what services mate has running with systemd.  I have no idea if mint and LMDE are going to transition to systemd or the state of systemd integration with mate.  If they are not, there will be occasional problems in testing with mate in Debian testing and every other linux OS that uses systemd  (over 90% use systemd). 

     "sudo journalctl -b -0 | grep mate"

    "sudo systemctl status | grep mate"  Then you can examine individaul services status   

For me  an example of my lxqt

axmurder@fubar:~$ sudo systemctl status |grep lxqt
             │   ├─10170 lxqt-session
             │   ├─10196 /usr/bin/ssh-agent /usr/bin/dbus-launch --exit-with-session startlxqt
             │   ├─10199 /usr/bin/dbus-launch --exit-with-session startlxqt
             │   ├─10222 pcmanfm-qt --desktop --profile=lxqt
             │   ├─10224 lxqt-panel
             │   ├─10301 plank --name lxqt
             │   ├─13865 grep lxqt

DO NOT go to unstable - sid.  Imho your options are to
1.  Install a backup desktop environment , maybe xfce,  for when mate has problems
2.  Wait and continue to search for answers
3.  Use dpkg to reinstall old versions.  Transitions happen in testing and unstable.  You will need to read up on this.  Doing this wrong can make things a lot worse. 

search engines are your friends, peace out
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Thanks for your reply. Guest I will let it go for now. Thanks for your help.


mintmenu and mate-menu are two different packages. The threadstarter didn't make it clear what he was talking about and things got mixed up.

mintmenu is part of Mint's repos (and comes shipped with Mint Mate) whereas mate-menu is based on mintmenu but with slight changes for other distributions. It is provided by Debian's testing repo.
I didn't know mate-menu even existed. It was introduced in February 2015 and my Sparky installation is older.

I still use mintmenu from LMDE's repo (betsy) which comes in version 5.6.6. LMDE doesn't use systemd but Sparky does. On my systems mintmenu has worked fine with Sparky and systemd so far.

mate-menu comes as version 5.6.7-1 from Debian's testing repo. It seems to be based on mintmenu but is ported for other distros (maybe they only exchanged the Mint icon for something else like I did  :) ).
mate-menu gives the following information:
"mate-menu (5.6.7-1) unstable; urgency=medium
  [ Martin Wimpress ]
  * New upstream release.
-- Mike Gabriel <>  Fri, 22 Jan 2016 10:39:30 +0100"
So it is a new version a few days old.
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"MATE Menu" is a menu that has been added to one of the MATE involvement is Ubuntu MATE project based on "mintMenu".
In similar circumstances there is a "MATE Tweak".



aptitude search mint
p   freeipa-admintools                                           - FreeIPA centralized identity framework -- admintools                   
p   gadmintools                                                  - GTK+ server administration tools (meta-package)                       
p   galette-plugin-admintools                                    - Administration tools for Galette                                       
p   gnomint                                                      - X.509 Certification Authority management tool for GNOME               
p   libjs-jquery-ui-theme-mint-choc                              - Mint Choc theme for jQuery UI                                         
p   mintlocale                                                   - Language selection tool                                               
p   octave-optiminterp                                           - optimal interpolation package for Octave     

There is no, nada , zip packages with "mint" and "menu" in Debian.  There are none from Sparky added on.  Pulling in packages from sources outside is a recipe for Data Disaster. 

To be bluntly honest, if anyone is putting in packages from a sysvinit distro into debian-testing, it is akin to putting a "Yugo" or "Trabant" carburetor (or any other old decrepit car makes) and putting it into a new Audi to replace the fuel injectors.  It might work for a little bit, but then you have a pile of junk.

Use the search engines.  Cite your sources. gives you the bug reports, home page etc.   
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Quote from: paxmark1 on January 31, 2016, 04:31:39 PM
There is no, nada , zip packages with "mint" and "menu" in Debian.  There are none from Sparky added on.  Pulling in packages from sources outside is a recipe for Data Disaster.
The threadstarter's problem seems to have arisen using mate-menu which is part of Debian's repo. No one said that mintmenu were part of Debian's repo.

As there is not even a bugfix in sid yet I suggest you downgrade to the mate-menu version you used before (if possible, there might be unmet dependencies for the old version of mate-menu now that other packages got an upgrade).
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