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New User (Windows Guy) Having Issues with Connecting to Internet Through Router

Started by RickyO, January 21, 2016, 06:46:30 PM

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I've done  quite a bit of network work in Windows networks, and am trying to learn Linux, and this is my learning project.

I created a Sparky install on an 8Gb USB drive.  It works very well.  I use it in a workstation with an ASUS PCI-E NIC (Cat5 and wireless).  The NIC also works well in Windows.  The workstation is on a small research/test/bench network.  That network connects to our Internet provider through the service providers cable modem and our ASUS RT-N66U (dual channel) router.  It works very well also.

When I disconnect all the Win drives, plug-in the USB drive and boot, Sparky starts up fine.  When I go to Preferences/Network to configure the network interface (NIC) for the network and get a path through the router, that's where it all comes to a screetching halt.  I need help; from a patient group of experienced users who can (1) help me translate Linux-ese into Windows-ese so I can understand what the terminology differences mean; and , (2) help me figure out where I'm going wrong. 

I've created a Guest sub-network on the router, and would like the connection to follow that path.  (If you have experience with the RT-N66U, it would be a plus.  If not, here's a couple of very good videos to introduce it:  (1); (2)

Where I'm getting confused (at least the first confusion) is in the verbiage used in the drop-down help balloons in the Sparky Network set-up pages.

Anyone want to be of help?


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