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where are the sources for sparky

Started by foss, January 08, 2016, 02:28:38 PM

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I would like to look at how the .deb's have been constructed in the testing repo - I'm particularly interested in the new budgie-desktop deb package.

Is there a web URL where I can browse to to grab unpack the .debian.tar.xz or similar in a similar way that I can do so on Debian Sid or Ubuntu ?

thanks in advance


All sparky tools source code is available in our account at SourceForge git repos.
I don't have the Budgie source tar ball, the source code is available at the Solus github repos.
Anyway, if you'd like to check how the deb is built, simply extract the deb via a archive manager.
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many thanks for the reply.

Thanks.  I'm particularly interested in how sparky has constructed the debian/control(.in) and the debian/rules files together with any patches that may be applied.

Any thoughts where I can find that  information?

I had a quick look at the contents of the .deb - I can see all the files that were built - I'm particularly interested in the construction of the package and how you coped with building for multi-arch.

If the debian/control and debian/rules are on source-forge somewhere please can you point me where?

Many thanks in advance


My ebook reader (kobo) is updating (done finally), but one great source for all things debian with links to elsewhere is

15.2 building your first package.

The source of course code used for budgie is present at with initial instructions for compiling ( but not creating the .deb)  at

and more info at the Debian web site.

After reading 15.2 above there is on OFTC irc

#debian-mentor  (which I have no experience with)

peace out

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.



  I've looked at all of that - very interesting.

I'm specifically interested in sparkylinux because the project has a series of interesting packages but I cannot see how those packages were created and what modifications (if any) has been made.

I've been looking at the new budgie-desktop version of sparky - normally in debian and debian derived distros you should just enable/add a deb-src repo and grab the source and the debian package via a:

  apt-get source package-name

There doesnt seem to be a source repo for budgie-desktop - I get 404 errors - thus I'm wondering where is it?  I've picked on in my opening comment wanting to look at the budgie-desktop package thus

  apt-get source budgie-desktop

All linux distros must have their packages and code obtainable if requested to meet GPL reasons - I'm sure sparky-budgie has this info somewhere - just where?


Quotenormally in debian and debian derived distros you should just enable/add a deb-src repo and grab the source
That's right, but I don't have time to do that.
The source code is in the git repos so can be checked as you wish.
A few 3th party apps, such as: e20, budgie and tint2 has been compiled without changes (no patches), means they are vanilla, as the developers created them. I only grab the source (so you can do it too), compile and build debs. I don't provide source packages in sparky repos so you can't find them.
Anyway I can tar the source code and make *orig.tar.gz packages next time if you'd like.
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ok - understand.  Thanks for the offer.

If you can post somewhere your budgie-desktop DEBIAN folder within the budgie package (rule, control, .install files etc) I would much appreciate  it.

I've been fiddling myself creating a .deb for budgie-desktop but am having issues and I just need to compare with something that you have obviously got working.

Once I've got my version working I'll post you my version if you wish to incorporate it ... or just compare for info.

many thanks.


FOSS of demand is not only uncomfortable for now developers.  :(
It will stop the evolution of Sparky.
I know the distribution was stopped several published by such leverage in Japan.
I have been plagued really that this has decreased by the distribution user of Japan!  :'(

Please you are waiting for the time. It will visit either...



  sorry - I don't really understand what you are saying.

I'm asking for the packaging.  This is a GPL right and all GPL projects must supply when requested - and @pavroo has said that he/she will.

I'm trying to help here - I've looked at the contents of the .deb and I'm pretty sure the .deb contains the development libraries as well as the end-user libraries.  This is contrary to the Solus projects wishes.  I've corrected this in my packaging and want to share this with the sparky community.

I'm at the final step trying to understand why sparky's much larger package is working whilst my split packaging is not.


You can grab the debs from repos:
I will upload the tar balls soon, No time in this moment, sorry.
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Hi @Pavroo

  did you upload the debian.tar.gz and budgie-desktop-10.2.1.orig.tar.gz for budgie-desktop somewhere? 

I didnt spot this in that link  - I've checked your git repo here also



Hi foss
No. I haven't.
I said that I will do it when I'll be compiling the next version of budgie.
I downloaded v.10.2.2 already so I will try to buid it tomorrow (depends of my time).
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the key difference between 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 is the policy-key additional requirement

So for your build-depends you'll need to add libpolkit-agent-1-dev libpolkit-gobject-1-dev

You'll probably already have the policykey dependency since you bringing in gnome-session

if stretch complains (in about the policykey version must be "110" - then its safe to quilted patch that to "105"


There is 'budgie-desktop' 10.2.2 ready in sparky repos now.
The tar balls and source package can be found at sourceforge repos now.
I work on adding source packages to the sparky repos, but not ready yet.
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  am I looking at the wrong location?

I couldnt see the debian tar ball containing the debian/control, debian/rules, debian/patches etc etc


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