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No Icons in KDE apps while running them under XFCE

Started by nathan2423, December 19, 2015, 07:46:50 PM

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I am a big fan of XFCE and want to use it as my main desktop, but occasionally I like to use dolphin and other kde apps.  However when I install them under the latest SparkyLinux (XFCE 64) I can get the programs to run, but there are absolutely no icons in the kde apps (for example, in dolphin, there are no icons for the files in the file manager, or in the menus or dropdowns).

I've added a number of kde packages hoping something would kick in, but to no avail. Can someone point me in the right direction?


UPDATE1 -  I have installed far more of KDE than I really wanted to, trying to get this to work.  I've run a session in KDE itself, just to be sure the icons were present there - they are.  But when I go back into an XFCE session, the window for dolphin is totally text - no icons of any kind anywhere in the window.  ANd the text is notably less crisp as well.


There is an application called "Qt Settings" it the Menu -> Settings.
Try to set the Qt based apps look and feel when running in the GTK based desktop.
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Thanks for the suggestions.  I went there and moved the settings under "select GUI style" from GTK+ to Desktop settings, rebooted, no effect, then changed back, rebooted, still no effect.

New observations:

1 - I installed PCMANFM and it is exhibiting the same behavior - no icons of any kind anywhere.
2 - I just noticed that in addition to Dolphin showing no icons, it isn't working to show even the names of the files in the file manager.  PCMAN FM seems to be working and showing names, but no icons.
3 - I just noticed that Clementine is working fine, no issues, and I am able to select the MP3 directory I want using the file chooser just as normal, with icons, no issues.

Please let me know if you have other suggestions.



I installed the Xfce panel, widgets and a number of Xfce apps on the Openbox version of Sparky, and added spacefm (which includes an excellent file seach capacity). Also, many use Thunar with Openbox and Openbox is compatible with KDE and standard for LXQt.


Thanks for the comment - I am beginning to think I am going to have to just reinstall from scratch - maybe I even have a bad burn or something.  Oh well.....

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