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Enlightenment and Wayland

Started by PackRat, March 09, 2016, 06:20:50 PM

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Does Sparky have an option to log into a Enlightment - Wayland session?

I was tinkering with weston a bit on a Sid install and wanted to try something more extensive.

I have installed Enlightenment from the Sparky repos in the past, if I did that again, is there a HowTo to get an Enlightenment - Wayland session running?


Hey, saw your post on vsido also.


and I am sure you have read

I lurk on the #wayland on freenode, they appear to be moving forward, but most of it is over my head.  Possibly over in Fedora land might be some good discussion.

Myself, I hope that things progress very fast for Wayland for Qt5.  LXQT is trying to lay the groundwork for it's usage of Wayland, especially via moving to xfwm4 and away from openbox (I understand it won't port easily).  But I do not hear of others going that way yet.  sddm is supposed to be much more wayland friendly than lightdm, but with just one Wayland de, one would not necessarily need either.  Networking - hmm, connman or systemd-networkd.  Debian is stalled for connman but siduction has connman 1.31-6. 

Maui does not seem to have a huge base and moves slowly. 

But for usage "right here, right now", enlightenment seems to be the best way to go and I trust pavroo who says he does a good job of compiling from source as opposed to taking the stock debian blobs.

If you are game, I could purge one of 3 lxqt installs and try kicking the tires of enlightenment and wayland via Sparky. 

And it might be a way to draw in more debianistas into wayland.  The testing freeze will be coming, many of the more difficult transitions have gone through sid and testing.  It will be probably learning by doing in the beginning.

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


I went ahead and installed E20 from the Sparky repos. Got to a how to by following some links from the enlightenment site.

I got a "can't create compositor" error. So my question is: do the Sparky dev's use --enable-wayland when building E20 for Sparky?

If so, I may make a distro hop to Sparky.


No, I did not.
If the option is not enabled as default in the configuration file, it is not in use.
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