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Blank grey strip on left side of desktop

Started by vpiercy, October 24, 2015, 02:53:30 AM

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I don't know how, but I have a blank column of whitish grey on my SparkyLinux 4 (Tyche) Game on edition.

Love the OS. Irritated by the glitchy grey-white column. The column covers the Task Bar and Menu, but if I click the Task Bar (where it is visible on the other 90% of the laptop screen), the column goes behind the Task Bar, revealing Menu on the bottom, but remains blocking the rest of the screen above the Menu button. Strange.

It's as though the Desktop icons column, which should be flush left, have been moved over one Desktop icon's width to the right. My wallpaper doesn't cover that portion of the Desktop blocked by the grey-white strip or column.

I've messed about in ObConf and Desktop Preferences, but can't get anything to remove the column. Below is a shared link to the .png of the gscreenshot of my buggered desktop.

Thank you for any advice or suggestions on how to fix this. I've tried a system upgrade. I've messed about in ObConf and Desktop Preferences. I think this happened after I was configuring the wifi to work at my college.


That looks like a video card problem to me. What driver of video card do you have if on broad what type is it. See if all drivers are properly installed What versions they are make sure they are the most updated ones they can be. If this does not help i would say do a fresh install again and go down the line and install one driver at a time till it happens again. Then once its there again remove that driver and see if its gone if so find a different driver newer or older on  see if you can workaround it.

Hope this helps and you get this fixed. 


Thank you woof! You are saying the driver might be installed wrong or be buggy.

As for the videocard, my games take up the whole screen and aren't affected. Libre Office documents aren't affected. It's just the Desktop and the blocking/unblocking of the Menu button. Would that still be a hardware problem, or is this more definitely a driver issue?

Could I test with a live CD and see if the same problem happens in another LXDE version of Sparky Linux? (I have a Live CD of the same Game On version--it's what I installed from--and if the problem doesn't exist there, then how would I uninstall and re-install a video driver? (You don't have to answer that. I can Google the question for Debian.)

Thanks again for the reply.


No I'm not saying the driver is installed wrong there just might be a conflict with another driver is possible. Thats why i said reinstall the Game over OS and go down the line one driver at a time till you find the driver thats doing that. Then when you find that driver if its a driver issue then install older driver version see if it happens. But also make sure you have the correct drivers installed and most up to date with your hardware

You could try the live CD or USB But it my not be of help if its working and doesn't show that. Since no drivers are installed on hardware

What type of video card or on broad do you have Model is it so i know what drivers u need

Also what are your spec's of your PC

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